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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
― Albert Einstein

Future Plans

Phase 1 Web Tutorials and comprising list of project parts competitions 3d printer high end tools.

Phase 2 BSA Merit Badge educational classes. Summer camps

Phase 3 facility for the community kids and student to use learn and design with stuff they could never afford. Included a full computer lab Cad machines with a mechinest on site to teach how and use for student projects.  Eventualy this will be setup like a Buisness Incubator but instead its for euntrapronuers and engineers. Will also have a genetic reptile breeding project that would be housed in a section.and indoor greenhouses each a different biodome

(4 and 5 could hapen in one way or another depend on how popular it is and which direction investers would want to go.)

Phase 4 Open other community centers around Ca or other states. All community centers will be connected via online forums. All projects documentd with tutorials and part list. Money made from sales of sujesting parts thru affiliation.

Phase 5 with enough k-12 students showing interest open a and budget with gov sups, creat @ k-12 enginering and scientist school.


After we get enoughfund we want to open a Coummity Learning Center, Availible to public, but mainly focused on Youth,Boyscouts, Disabled Children and College and Highschool students. Hobbyist are also welcome.

Group project and compitions will be held here to increase the intrest in engineering and robotics to future generations.

15-20 Year Goal

Eventualy the goal is to open a k-12 school for engineering. Teaching things I wish I learned in elementry school. To Push education In the better direction, and to creat a brighter feature.





Fundraiser will be held for 3d printer and help with location costs.

Will be Posted Here and in Forums.

Upcoming Events Meeting and Compititions

Future Fundraiser

We will be doing a funraiser for 3D Printer.